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Italian craftsmanship at the service of beautiful writing.

Explore our historic line of “Beautiful Writing”.
We offer novices and experienced artists creations of exquisite beauty and durability, perfect for both display and long-term use.

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Details make the difference

We invite you to discover our craftsmanship and careful choice of materials:

is our way of sharing our passion and love for calligraphy, an expression that combines aesthetics, emotion and culture.

We create Calligraphy Sets,

with artisan dedication, combining hypoallergenic and durable metals with antique silver, brass, and glass finishes. We incorporate birch wood for a natural touch, ensuring that each tool is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and precision in writing.

We select Melagris gallopavo feathers

in compliance with the Washington Convention species protection regulations for our calligraphy pens, enhancing their lightness and softness.
Treated according to high Italian hygiene standards, sterilized with gamma rays, and colored with natural pigments.

We value accessories

our inkwells and bottles are made of glass, to protect the ink from oxidation. The metallic components of the inkwells and holders, crafted by expert modelers, feature an antique silver finish. Steel nibs are selected for all calligraphic styles.

We opt for inks

that combine natural pigments and high-quality binders, ensuring fluidity in writing. Compliant with ISO9001 standards and European norms EN 71/3, they guarantee a safe product free from harmful substances. Perfect for calligraphy and illustration.

We design eco-friendly packaging

using sustainable materials like kraft cardboard and FSC® certified paper. With eco-friendly paints and inks, we ensure customized and distinctive packaging, reflecting our commitment to a greener world.

We create artisanal seals

in brass, accompanied by sealing wax. Birch wood handles ensure a firm grip, while the sealing wax is made with high-quality natural resins, following the Italian tradition. After the pleasure of writing comes the pleasure of sealing with style.


We use recyclable and environmentally friendly materials, with no presence of plastic in the products or packaging

In our laboratories, we strive for energy creation and water recovery, thus ensuring a sustainable and responsible production cycle.

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The Crucial Role of Historical Research

Historical and calligraphic research is essential for creating writing instruments consistent with the authenticity and beauty of the ancient art of beautiful writing. Through thorough research, we enhance our creations to represent classic styles such as cursive, italic, and gothic. This process also includes studying the materials and ergonomics of pens and the composition of inks to ensure perfect application and lasting results.


Master Craftsmen for Historical Accuracy

Our master artisan modelers devote time and expertise to crafting metal components such as nibs, pen rests, and decorated caps. Drawing on extensive research, they handcraft prototypes that reflect the authenticity and beauty of bygone eras. Upon request, we customize components with distinctive historical elements, ensuring that each product is an accurate tribute to the tradition of ancient writing.

We discuss your idea of craftsmanship

Every detail is shaped according to your preferences, the result of a craftsmanship process that reflects your personality and style. We are here to listen, create, and surprise you with pieces that tell your story. Get inspired and let’s collaborate to create your custom masterpiece.