Revolutionizing Style, Saving the Planet.

At Dallaiti, we artisans are transforming our traditional leather creations into innovative designs using materials derived from apples, bamboo, seaweed, and the by-products of beer production.


Craftsmanship That Respects Nature

This line emerges from our creative capacity to repurpose ecological and innovative materials into high-quality accessories. It represents the perfect blend of artisanal excellence and profound environmental awareness.

The collection spans a broad array of handcrafted items, from notebooks to clutches, pencil cases to wallets and credit card holders, document carriers, bracelets, makeup bags, valet trays, and keychains. Each piece is designed as an embodiment of beauty and meticulous attention to detail, thus creating unique gift items that merge sustainable material ethics with innovative design.



Passion for design meets responsibility for the planet.

We craft high-quality accessories that not only elevate your style but also narrate a story of respect for the environment and animals.

We Use Revolutionary Materials

Apple waste, a by-product of the juice industry, serves as an ideal recycling candidate into new fabrics thanks to its high cellulose content. The apple-based material we utilize combines 50% of this natural waste with 50% PU, layered over a cotton base to produce a soft yet durable fabric, perfect for long-lasting accessories.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact

Utilizing apple waste as a renewable resource significantly cuts CO2 impact and repurposes a natural waste stream that would otherwise contribute to landfill mass. While currently incorporating components that are not entirely biodegradable, we are optimistic about future technologies enabling complete biodegradability without sacrificing functionality.

Durability and Resistance

Our Ecocraft Apple line stands out for its tensile and abrasion resistance, exceeding stringent standards and ensuring longevity even under heavy use. Enhanced durability through skilled stitching and finishing techniques, along with water resistance, ease of cleaning, and maintenance, make this material ideal.

Environmental Certifications

Dallaiti champions innovation with confidence in high standards, evidenced by certifications like PETA Approved Vegan, USDA Bio-preferred, and OEKO-TEX.

Each creation takes us a step closer to a greener tomorrow, advancing the legacy of Italian craftsmanship.


PERSONALIZE WITH ECOCRAFT: Choose Bamboo Alongside Apple

We offer unique personalization options, enabling you to imprint your images or logos on our new Ecocraft Bamboo line. Our aim is a fully circular system and local supply chain, targeting zero emissions.

We selected the Uppeal Bamboo Collection as a vegan, efficient, and durable leather alternative, developed by Mabel.

Bamboo’s resilience, sourced from Italian bamboo groves which absorb significantly more CO2 than standard forests and convert it into fiber while releasing oxygen, is unmatched. We transform these natural fibers into exquisite accessories, epitomizing the finest Made in Italy craftsmanship, beauty, and ecological commitment.

Ecocraft: The Fusion of Eco-sustainability and Craftsmanship


Innovative Biomaterials: The Core of Dallaiti's Philosophy

Our ethos is grounded in the use of avant-garde biomaterials from plant sources, enabling not only a reduced environmental footprint from our production by lowering greenhouse gas emissions and finite resource consumption but also maintaining high quality and performance standards. Our products are distinguished for their resilience, durability, and comfort, showcasing Dallaiti’s dedication to responsible innovation.


Italian Craftsmanship: The Essence of Dallaiti

Our story goes beyond material innovation; our production methods, where technology meets artisan expertise, also set us apart. This unique melding enables the creation of exclusively designed products with flawless finishes. Every Dallaiti accessory emerges from meticulous detail orientation, becoming not merely a fashion item but a tangible manifestation of art, dedication, and the quintessence of Italian artisan excellence.

Dallaiti Upcycling: Advancing Toward a Zero-Waste Future

Dallaiti’s sustainability commitment extends to upcycling, collaborating with artists and designers to breathe new life into waste materials, transforming them into unique and innovative accessories.

Upcycling represents a creative, responsible approach to diminishing the fashion industry’s environmental impact, adding value to otherwise discarded materials.

Opting for Dallaiti not only supports sustainable fashion but also propels us toward a more circular and accountable future.