Writing set with glass calligraphic pen and calligraphic ink

Writing set with glass calligraphic pen and calligraphic ink


Glass-tipped calligraphic pen with grooves to retain calligraphic ink with 5ml calligraphic ink bottle

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Writing set with calligraphic pen in glass and ink

  • This calligraphic pen is equipped with a glass nib with grooves that retain calligraphic ink
  • You can write several sentences without having to continuously dip the pen into the ink
  • This immersion calligraphic pen is very comfortable to hold in your hand, very useful to practice the different calligraphic techniques.
  • The finished glass calligraphic pen measures 8 cm
  • The package is equipped with a bottle of calligraphic ink of 5 Ml black color and is decorated with a refined design in antique style
  • You can choose between 5 different types of calligraphic glass pen colors: blue, green, burgundy, sepia and black.
  • The product is certified 100% made in Italy, this guarantees the authenticity and careful craftsmanship of the product.

Glass calligraphic pen Technical details:

  • 100% Made in Italy
  • Color pens: blue, green, burgundy, sepia, black
  • Package size: 13 x 7,5 cm
  • Pen size: 8 cm
  • Black ink in 5ml bottle

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1 – Blue, 2 – Green, 3 – Bordeaux, 4 – Seppia, 5 – Black


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