Thank you for purchasing a handmade creation from Dallaiti

The guarantee of ensuring a more sustainable future

With your purchase, you have made a significant gesture by acquiring a splendid piece of Dallaiti craftsmanship.
You have supported Italian craftsmanship, made a responsible and sustainable choice, and contributed to a better future for the planet.

The characteristics of our products


We guarantee the authenticity of your handmade creation, certifying that it has been crafted by hand, according to the oldest traditions.

In our artisanal work, we are committed to adopting practices that preserve the environment.

We strive to reduce the environmental impact of our activities through sustainable and responsible practices. We use renewable energy to power our operations and implement water recovery systems, as well as non-toxic waste management practices. Additionally, we work continuously to minimize production waste through material recycling. The durability and quality of our products are designed to reduce the need for frequent replacements, thus promoting more responsible consumption. We take pride in being transparent about our practices and materials, enabling our customers to make informed and sustainable choices.

We exclusively use environmentally friendly or recyclable materials to have a positive impact on our habitat

The materials we use, such as nickel-free metal and wood from FSC-certified forests, are selected for their environmental friendliness. We ensure compliance with international standards for sensitive raw materials, such as feathers, by adopting a responsible approach to their processing and coloring. Our paints and inks are water-based and free from polluting substances, contributing to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. Additionally, we prioritize materials alternative to animal leather, such as bamboo and materials obtained from recycling textile industry waste.

We fully comply with Italian and international regulations, ensuring compliance with all applicable regulations

We strictly adhere to international standards and national legislation, implementing provisions on recycling established by French law, including the Circular Economy Law 2020-105 (AGEC) enacted on February 11, 2020. Dallaiti is a registered artisanal company with CITEO under client number 572528. As part of this membership, we affix the TRIMAN logo and packaging recycling instructions on the product packaging, in accordance with Article R. 541-12-21 of the French Environmental Code. Our metals comply with EU regulations, while the inks we use are ISO9001 certified and compliant with European standard EN 71/3.

At Dallaiti, our goal is to skillfully merge tradition and innovation to ignite creative enthusiasm and expertise in the new generation of artisans and designers

The magic of our creations stems from the deep passion for craftsmanship that we cultivate every day. As artisans, we skillfully blend ancient techniques of textile and artistic craftsmanship with the freshness of modern creativity and cutting-edge tools. We delve into history to inspire our designs or sketch them by hand before bringing them into the digital world. The fusion of technology and inventiveness represents the core of our philosophy. To maintain this synergy, we involve young talents in our team, as each purchase from you represents crucial support not only for the quality of craftsmanship but also for nurturing passion and paving the way for young creatives passionate about manual work.

By choosing a Dallaiti product, you can be sure of:

Supporting a responsible company committed to environmental protection and the promotion of a circular future.

Purchasing a high-quality product made with precious, durable, traceable, and vegan materials.

Contributing to a greener, more sustainable, cruelty-free, and design-oriented future for future generations.